National Christmas Tree

Choosing a Artificial National Christmas Tree Lighting instead of an traditional Christmas tree is a sound choice in this age of environmental awareness. The former president of National Christmas Tree Association said that “buying real Christmas tree is definitely the best choice for season”. Most of the wise customer shows their interest towards National Christmas Tree (real Christmas tree). A lot of youth families are attracted to the culture of celebrating Christmas with a real tree in their houses. The major advantage of these Christmas Tree is that, they absorb carbon dioxide and other gases. Also, it emits the fresh oxygen which is essential for human being. These national (real) trees are also avoiding the earth warming by producing “greenhouse effect”. The research proves that almost one acre of Christmas tree produces the oxygen of 20 people daily. In the United state, In National Christmas Tree Hours almost one acre million surfaces are consumed by Christmas tree that can produce oxygen for 20 million people every day.

To producing the National Christmas trees you need to harvest the surface, the National Tree Company Christmas trees support life by taking up the unnecessary gases in their self. The farms that produce Christmas tree, uses soil, protected water and supplies refuge for wildlife and human life by creating a scenic greenbelt. Sometimes these trees do not support any other crop on their surface as well as these trees also grow on farms like another crop to ensure more growth. The farmer uses different seeding techniques every day. While in an artificial tree the producer uses the fuel based artifact that may cause harm to nature. A lot of families use artificial trees but after 6 to 9 years these artificial trees become useless. As these artificial trees cannot be recycled so they just taking up landfill space.

The National Christmas Tree Association is also eco-friendly, which means they can be easily reused for recycling of mulch and another purpose without creating poisoned effect of environment. These are used in nationwide communities. Artificial trees which are mostly manufactured in Korea honking Taiwan consist of plastic material and metal material which is not eco-friendly while disposing of. So these artificial Christmas tree will cause the environment badly and its hazards are evident and countless. National Christmas tree association said that National Christmas Tree Company also supports economy by helping the employee of 100,000 people. As this national tree uses 1 quarter of the ounce of pesticides, so it is non-organic for the lifetime. Its sustainable farming procedure offers a healthy delivery of Christmas Tree. At the Christmas Tree farms when any tree cut down it is immediately replaced with another. The best way to overcome the surrounding impact and health risk is to purchase a real live tree. Because artificial  / fake tree may contain poison metal such as lead, the exposure to lead may cause a human death or it may cause cancer, failure of a nervous system, failure of a kidney.

Hence we can say the Artificial Christmas Tree is not a sound choice for the environment, spending a little more money on a National Christmas Tree which can be good for human health. As we know natural trees is composted and use in fertilization of further generation of trees. Moreover, the exposure to real greenery can also be pretty therapeutic, as it helps to reduce stress and improve overall well-being.

Key features of National Christmas Tree

  • The National / Natural Christmas Tree (real) is eco-friendly.
  • Support economy by helping employee.
  • Overcome the surrounding impact and health risk.
  •  National Christmas Tree is non-organic for the lifetime.